I design user interfaces, for people

And guess what? I love it!

  • Android app UI design: Prototyping (paper sketches + Sketch.app + POP iphone for interaction design and usability tests) / Visual design (Photoshop)
PlayerPro for Android UI design process

It all comes from paper. I quickly throw ideas on paper and see what's working and what's not. Then, I translate interesting ideas into a wireframes and an interactive prototype. When interactions and usability works well, I dive into the visual design. During this iterative process, I always see my work on my device, the only way to prove it’s usable.

I have been working with Alex on an on-going basis for more than one year. He has designed a big part of PlayerPro Music Player's UI. He is very talented and always comes up with creative ideas that make a difference.”

Tristan Bigourdan - PlayerPro creator

… And the fully responsive website it deserves

  • Responsive web design: Prototyping (paper sketches + Adobe Edge Reflow) / Art direction and visual design (Photoshop)

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