Designing an ecommerce website for high quality shirts

  • Ecommerce web design: Usability (paper sketches + Axure RP Pro) / Visual design (Photoshop)

I had the opportunity to see the rigor of Alex on bold graphic projects, and I appreciated his dedication and his multiple skills. In addition to a strong analytical mind, Alex is a person who has a lot of knowledge in the field of Internet (technical, marketing, web design) and has a very good view of usability needs. In addition, it has a very good relationship and has forged strong ties with the team he had working with.”

Cédric Morelle - CEO Toucouleur

Making a product sheet that makes you feel the product

The product should be the main attraction in the page. Right in the middle of the page. And everything around connected to it in a meaningful way. The idea of create a logical link between related products, like ties and cufflinks, and the main product went very early. It seemed obvious to me.

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