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This was an one and half year project. I was involved very early in the project. We used Agile project management, so we could gather feedbacks very early and iterate quickly. The team was really awesome, we learned a lot from each others. We followed a process:

  1. Research: users and stakeholders interviews and questionnaires.
  2. Finding solutions: sketching and prototyping.
  3. Iterate, test, iterate, test, iterate!
  4. Visual design

We work with Alex Aubert for over 5 years, he accompanied us throughout the development process of our software. He took over the usability and user interaction analysis, prototyping and visual design of our flagship software: Yooda SeeUrank. His high level of expertise allows us to meet the requirements of a tool for analyzing complex SEO data while keeping the whole experience clean and efficient. We are convinced that Alex is a key man in the commercial success of Yooda SeeUrank.”

Romain bellet - CEO Yooda

Designing a website for ROI

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